About Us

We’re an Architectural/Interior designer based company which is serving in Residential and commercial projects for last 20 years in all over India. We have completed more than 1000 projects in the same fields. As all we Know India is a fast growing country in online business industry, we have decided to enter in online business.

We generally do designer work and develop our own designs and ideas to make things more interesting and special for the clients. We manufacture all the products on our own so that we can maintain quality of our designer products.

Why choose MirrorWalla.com?

Mirrorwalla is the only online website who manufactures designer products on their own so that best quality can be produced for the customers.

Our price is best and competitive since there is no mediator between us and the customers. We do not sell anything from vendors which lead to increase in the pricings.

Since we’re Interior designer and working for last 20 years in the same field, the customer can be assured for the most latest, designer and innovative products available on the website.

Our Vision:

Mirrorwalla showcases the best in the modern and neo classical design of looking mirrors, bathroom vanities and other furniture. Our luxury collections are created by experienced Interior designers, local craftsmen and virtuoso glass makers.

As a fashion house for all living spaces, we feature exclusive designer furniture, hand-made decorative mirrors, luxurious Italian bathroom vanities and other decorative furniture accessories.
We assure our customers about the quality and durability of all of our products.

Come inside the window and explore the world of Mirrorwalla.